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Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your online reputation, says The best way to safeguard your company against an online smear campaign is to take a proactive approach. provides services that help companies remove negative content from search results, and regularly advises companies on establishing a healthy online reputation prior to an attack.


What should I know about my company website?

In order to rank high in search results, it’s important for your company to have relevant, topical content that drives users to your site. recommends initiating link exchanges with other companies. Links from other sites can help improve your search listing, according to the experts at also recommends buying several variations of your company name as URLs and linking all web addresses to your primary website. This may allow you to protect your name from theft as well as increasing your presence in search results.


How do I know how healthy my online reputation currently is? explains that doing a basic web search can be very enlightening as to what information customers are seeing about you and/or your company. However, also points out that there are many different search terms a customer might be using. The team at can provide a comprehensive review on your online status.


If I find negative content, can I have it removed? explains that often attempts to have content removed can be futile. One of the few successful ways to have content removed is to identify a clear material violation of a site’s Terms and Conditions. Read over the fine print carefully, advises, and if a violation has occurred, contact the website via a neutral measured communication process. According to, the last thing you want to do is appear to be an emotional and irrational business owner with a vendetta. Make the site see the violation as their problem, not a personal slight against you, says.

If no violation has occurred, you do have the option of requesting the content be taken down. recommends contacting the company who owns the site. If it’s a blog on WordPress or a similar site, e-mail the site a copy of the offensive content and inform them of the problem. Be prepared, however. According to, sometimes these efforts receive no response at all. warns that contacting the offending writer can be risky. While a kind e-mail can force some offenders to remove the questionable content, your attempts to smooth things over may backfire. has seen offenders react with anger or ridicule, posting even more offensive content about the individual or company. Sometimes the best response to negative publicity, says, is no response at all. It can also give a company or individual the appearance of taking the high road.


Use online notification tools

Both Google and Yahoo have online notification Alerts. Enter your keywords into the search box and the site will send you an e-mail when new postings or news items appear that match your keywords. recommends signing up for these alerts and taking action on any new negative content as soon as possible. can help you resolve negative content without causing additional problems for yourself or your company.


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